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Praise to Allah the Lord of the worlds - the Creator the heavens and the earth!Blessing of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family, and his companions! Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy!

Our center of moral education Elabuga rascchitan 100 students. It is planned to the education of children of secondary school general subjects, the lessons of morality, the Arabic language, using interactive teaching methods.

The total area of ​​the MFC - 865.07> m2
Built-up area - 476.76 m2
Building volume -3198.97 m2

For these purposes, provides:

  • 10 spacious classrooms,
  • sports room,
  • a cafe-dining room with 100 seats.

Optionally planned teaching children various crafts needed in adult life: cooking, needlework, carpentry, beekeeping, Autobody, etc.
In the evening, cafe, gym and classrooms will be used for leisure activities of Muslim youth of the city. It is possible to conduct Iftar, nicknames, vagazov, as well as the creation of a business incubator.

To date, more than 200 Elabuga children do not attend school on a regular basis, use of family forms of education. For the third year in the school building at the Cathedral Mosque of Yelabuga enrolled in general educational disciplines 30 Muslim children in 4 classes. Parents-Muslims came together to educate children, which takes place on the family system. Children are secured in the public schools, but sit there only tests 1 exam once a quarter. In addition to general subjects receive lessons of morality, Arabic, reading the Koran, advanced English, Ser, the story of the prophets. However, reading prayers, performance is very good, parents satisfied. However, the number of places is limited due to lack of space.

These problems can be solved when building MFC mosque "Shatlyk". Its construction began in August this year, is currently being finalized brickwork 1st floor. The building is two-storey brick, reinforced concrete hollow core slab floors, the facade is insulated with mineral wool boards and plastered on the grid with paint. Foundations bored piles with a raft foundation, gable roof metal.

I ask you to provide financial support for the construction of the center MORAL EDUCATION on the mosque "Shatlyk" (the mosque building MFC). The implementation of this major project will solve the accumulated problems in the field of Islamic education Elabuga. We look at him hope for the revival and enhancement of lost in the 30-ies. XX century in Yelabuga heritage of Islam in the Tatar education and enlightenment.

Official documents:

1. Preliminary design

2. Building permit

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